El reto Obama.

Normas que nos hemos impuesto para el trabajo:

Unas reglas laxas para comenzar a dar ideas. Te pongo un ejemplo: algo así como que la idea la nombrara en alguno de sus discursos o forme parte de su programa electoral -yo propongo que este sea uno de los límites- otro es que sea un gran proyecto (coño, es el presidente de los EEUU) con una idea fuerza y cuatro o cinco ideas secundarias. Otra de mis ideas es, que sea algo que le haga pasar a la Historia-




Programa electoral


Principales problemas detectados en EEUU. (una lista como otra cualquiera). Para buscar las respuestas.

1. People on welfare that don't need to be on welfare because they are capable of providing for themselves
2. Poverty. The cost of living. Minnimum wage is not enough to pay for the every day bills of life. With out training (which is not free for everyone) you can't make enough money to live by your self. Which could be a contributing factor to why so many people live together before marraige.
3. Gas prices
4. Animal shelters are overcrowding.
5. Crime. Gangs, violence, drugs, GUNS, rape, theft, ect..
6. Teachers are underpaid
7. Lawyers that give criminals their freedom are overpaid
8. We have the right to bear arms, but should we?
9. Religion. Cant we all just agree to disagree?
10. Tobacco. They sell a poison that kills people slowly. Is that okay?
11. Obesity. Why does everything have to be deep fried and cheesy?
12. prison population and the taxes used to house them
13. Racism, Are we going backwards? really? why cant we all be friends?
14. Scams. Stop trying to take my grandmother's money!
15. Cancer, diabeties, aids, the bird flu and who else knows whats out there
16. Healthcare. I had an asthma attack that cost me $2000.
17. Why does water (the most abundent resource on the planet) cost money?
18. Kids never play outside any more. I live right across the street from a park and there is no one out there on a perfect sunny day. They are all glued to video games. What happened to imagination?
19. Everything causes cancer. Everyday i watch the news and there is a new food or chemical or something that will give me cancer. I feel like hiding in the closet for the rest of my life. which brings me to my next problem
20. Coming out of the closet. Gay marraige. Fair or unfair. I could marry my best friend (who i am not in love with) to get cheaper taxes. How do they decide if you are really gay or just interested in the tax cut?


  • Sanidad. Sanidad ambiental, tratamiento de enfermedades con impacto social, redistribución de recursos
  • Economía; reducir la dependencia del petróleo.
  • Educación; reducir el fracaso escolar, trabajo en pre-escolar, trabajo integral familias con problemas.